Recently the Dutch Food Inspection (NVWA) released a list of quality inspections of lunchrooms in The Netherlands. This is great news, because consumers and the owners of the lunchrooms can use this information. Something that is common in for instance New York for a long time.

New York restaurant with A-Grade certificateFor the NVWA this is the first step in making the inspection results public. In this first step they released an interactive map and a pdf-file with the results. publish a pdf and the map is already a big step. But it would be even better if the list was released as machine readable data, not as a map or pdf. So this is a great case for trying to publish a published dataset to an Open Data Service. In a series of posts I will describe the steps I took to convert the pdf to an open data service.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Ask for the data
Part 3: Datasource selection
Part 4: PDF extraction
Part 5: Data cleaning
Part 6: Geocoding
Part 7: Publish as a service