Greentech 2019 Recap

Today I visited the greentech horticulture fair at the RAI Amsterdam. A huge trade show with an enormous amount of suppliers for horticulture. I visited this fair to get more knowledge about the latest technological development in the horticulture scene, and more specifically in the field of vertical farming, data management and automated farming. This is also interesting for the open insect farm project that I am working on.

This is my selection of 30+ companies I found interesting:

  1. Artemis Online farm management
  2. Advansee Machine vision bug count and detection
  3. Aponix Hydoponic barrels
  4. Beacon Fields LoRa based sensors
  5. Bever Innovations Vertical farm containers and led
  6. Bioline agrosciences Ant based crop control
  7. Automated water and nutrient management
  8. Concept Data Systems ERP system for horticulture
  9. Danish Technology Institute Research about digital twin greenhouses
  10. Delphy Digitale aansturing van teelt
  11. Dosatron Automatic fertigation
  12. Green automation export Finish automated indoor farming
  13. Green simplicity Led research climate room
  14. Grodan Data driven precision growing
  15. Hortinergy Energy and climate analuyses for greenhouses
  16. Industrial product solutions Fully automated growing systems for green houses
  17. Ireis Korean digital transformation in greenhouses
  18. Koppert biological systems Dashboard for greenhouse growers
  19. Liberty produce Future farming Hub project
  20. Netled Interesting vertical farm solution
  21. Nijssen Indoor farming control rooms
  22. Novarbo Another vertical farm provider
  23. Octinion Tomato picking robot
  24. Priva Local control and automation provider
  25. Pylot Realtime data powered by kubo
  26. Ridder Process automation
  27. Root AI Robots for farming
  28. Microbox containers
  29. Sercom Greenhouse automation an vision from Lisse
  30. Urban Crop Solutions Freight Farm and factory
  31. V-Farm Turn key urban farming solutions
  32. ViVi Multilayer cultivation systems