Make101 – v0.1.0 Released

This is the release of the initial version of make101. A progressive web app that makes it possible to create

Today I released the initial version of make101. This is a Progressive Web App and native web app that makes it possible to create and share the 101 things you would like to make. By thinking about this list and by sharing this as early as possible, this will help and motivate you in actually making more things!

For this initial release, the main target was to have the backend API running and to be able to login and manage a list. This is now working! All code is open source and hosted on Gitlab.


The API is based on NodeJS using Typescript, running an ExpressJS app which is connected to a PostgreSQL database using TypeORM. A system that is very well scalable and can be expanded easily with more functionality. For this I used my starter template.


For the frontend I used Ionic v4, very good system to create progressive web apps (PWA) and native web-apps in one code base. And it is based on Angular, a framework that I am already using.

Authentication is always a tricky part. For this I rely on the Auth0 authentication as a service. All user management and authentication is done with Auth0, leaving this very important aspect in the hand of these experts. This is a much more secure secure setup than storing sensitive user data in your own database and system. It is now possible to create an account and add items to your list!


make101 has the option to share your list as a widget in your own site. By adding the following code to your page it will show your current list on any page:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div class="make101_listing_widget" data-url="" data-authid="*****"></div>

You can see the result on the homepage of this site. In the right sidebar the widget should show the current make101 list!

There will be more updates coming in the near future with improvements and new features. Start making your list now!