Using Postman with Auth0 Authentication and NodeJS API

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Auth0 preparations

Postman preparations

  • Create Collection
  • Create Environment for development: API (development)
  • Go to collection: edit
  • Go to authorization
  • Set type to OAuth2.0
  • Set 'add auth data to': Request Headers
  • Click on 'Get new access token'
    • Token name:any
    • Grant Type: Authorization Code
    • Callback URL:
    • Auth URL: https://{{auth0_domain}}/authorize
    • Access Token URL: https://{{auth0_domain}}/oauth/token
    • Client ID: {{auth0_client_id}}
    • Client Secret: {{auth0_client_secret}}
    • Scope: openid profile email
    • State: Some random string of your choosing
    • Client Authentication: send client credentials in body
  • Click Request token
  • Scroll down and click Use Token
  • Click on update